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Absolute Sound Labs has been an authorized McIntosh Service facility since 1969. We service both in-warranty and out-of-warranty McIntosh products. Recently, McIntosh has limited their own in-house factory servicing of older tube and early solid-state equipment. Absolute Sound Labs was selected as one of a very limited number of McIntosh Service Clinics to handle these issues. Absolute Sound Labs is proud to be so highly regarded by the McIntosh company. We have the necessary technical information, parts and required test equipment to restore your McIntosh equipment to like-new condition. We would be more than happy to evaluate your McIntosh equipment.

While our new website continues its development, please contact us for further information not found here.

At our facility we offer two types of warranties, dependent on the service: repair or restoration.




Equipment that undergoes only a Repair carries a 90-day, limited warranty on both parts and labor for our work performed. The warranty does not apply to parts and labor for those components which were not installed by us.




Equipment that undergoes a Full Restoration carries a 180-day, limited warranty to the entire unit, but does NOT cover the following: transformers, vacuum tubes, and any items in the unit where replacement parts are not available and are unable to be repaired. Any items that fall in this category will be clearly noted and communicated to the owner during the restoration procedure and when finally picked up/shipped.

Many of our clients have acquired equipment that they would like to sell, but would like to increase the sale value by having us repair or restore a unit. Because of this, our warranties are also transferrable.